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Events Decoration


MASTERPIECE Event Designers is an exceptional visionary team that creates the look and feel of events ranging from Corporate & Weddings. We are known as VA’s best event decoration company, specializing in designing and installing private and corporate events worldwide. Our experience, creativity, passion and professionalism combine to provide our clients a unique level of satisfaction.

Audiovisual Services

Masterpiece takes pride in presenting you one of the finest Audiovisual & Lighting services in VA, DC and all of East Coast. Our audio, video, and lighting services are present in everything we do. We provide support for conventions, exhibits, trade shows, associations, production companies, and a whole host of other corporate-sponsored gatherings as well as in-house management for convention centers, hotels, and resorts.

Whether you are launching a product, conducting a seminar, having a show/party or holding an exhibition in your art gallery, we handle it all. Backed up by 17 years’ worth of experience, Masterpiece will equip you with the finest gear, an excellent staff, and the highest levels of support imaginable. We’ll do our part to make sure things look, sound, and shine beyond standards.

Wedding & Events Planning


If you are looking for Wedding & Event Planners in VA, DC, MD,DL or anywhere in East Coast, consider your search over. Masteroiece has been successful managing events of all kinds since 1994 worldwide and since 2011 in USA. We take great pleasure in bringing your imagination to life, be it your wedding or any kind of corporate events.

Managing your own wedding/event sounds easy. What follows after the initial excitement of a new plan is the stress of actually getting it done. Let the professionals handle it all while you sit back and bask in the glory of the compliments you get from your guests.

We love bringing in elegance to anything we do. Impress your guests with the most suave event ever by availing to our wedding and event planning services.

Our services are broadly categorized into:

  • Wedding Planning

  • Corporate Event Planning

If your event demands a different approach from the aforementioned categories, do let us know. It would be an honor to tailor our services to suit to your needs.

Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​